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Michael Atman has interviewed me for his science fiction blog. You can read the article here.


New Michael McCollum Novel: EUCLID'S WALL IS NOW ON SALE!!! 

 Click to go to the EUCLID'S WALL page.    Euclid's Wall   Click to go to the EUCLID'S WALL page.


Michael McCollum, Proprietor                                   

Welcome to Sci Fi - Arizona. We specialize in professional-quality, technologically sophisticated science fiction stories and novels. Our current inventory of fiction is valued at one million dollars!  If you like Robert Heinlein's work from the 40's and 50's, Poul Anderson from the 60's, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle from the 70's, and Tom Clancy from the 80's, then you will probably like it here!

Be sure to visit our Writer's Workshop. Once each month we publish articles dealing with matters of concern to writers, with an emphasis on the technical problems specific to science fiction writing. No matter what sort of a writer you are or wish to be, you should find something of interest in the workshop.

Novel Series Novel Series by Michael McCollum

Antares Gibraltar Makers Direct Link For Purchase

Ind. Novels Stand Alone Novels by Michael McCollum 

                    Euclid's Wall Greater Infinity Clouds of Saturn Thunderstrike! Sails of Tau Ceti Gridlock Direct Link For Purchase   

Hi tech science fiction novels formatted in EPUB, PDF, LRF, PRC, and PDB formats in various flavors.  We support desktops and handhelds, including: IPAD, Sony eBook Reader, Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, iLiad, Pocket PC, and PalmPilot.  Trade paperback books are printed on bright white paper with heavy, full color covers.

Audio Books  Audio Books of Gibraltar Earth, Sun and Stars

We have added audio books of the Gibraltar Series as an experiment.  If you are an audio book afficianado, you might want to check them out.

Non-Fiction Non-Fiction by Michael McCollum                

                      Art of Writing Art of Sci Fi Astrogators Hdbk Direct Link For Purchase

Hi tech non-fiction formatted in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Reader.  Trade paperback books printed on bright white paper with heavy, full color covers.

Short Stories Free Short Stories by Michael McCollum

Want to sample the product before you buy?  We have free short stories for download.

Writer's Workshop Articles for Writers

Once each month we publish articles on both general writing and science fiction writing.  Come to the Writer's workshop and polish your craft.

Don Dixon Gallery Beautiful Images by Don Dixon

Don Dixon is the Art Director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and the finest astronomical artist at work in the world today.  Come see his beautiful images of space.  Download space wallpaper.  They're free.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions About Sci Fi - Arizona

BIOs  Biographies of Michael McCollum and Don Dixon

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