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Announcement: After 20 years of experimenting, we finally have an audiobook section. Please check it out. 

Welcome to Sci Fi - Arizona, possibly the oldest author-owned-and-operated website on the Internet.

We specialize in professional-quality, technologically-sophisticated "hard" science fiction stories and novels. They include interplanetary, interstellar, and galactic-scale adventures. We even have a science fiction version of a Horatio-Hornblower-style sea saga.  (I really like Horatio Hornblower books!) 

If you desire entertainment with well-rounded characters, realistic descriptions of how everything works, exciting action, all of which are integrated into a pleasant reading experience, you will probably like it here.

Be sure to visit our Writer's Workshop. Once each month we publish articles dealing with matters of concern to writers, with an emphasis on the technical problems specific to science fiction writing. No matter what sort of a writer you are or wish to be, you should find something of interest in the workshop. 

And if you are a science fiction writer, you may be interested in our Astrogator's Handbook.  We all know what the stars look like in the skies of Earth.  However, if you are writing an interstellar romance, you are more interested in where the stars are with respect to one another.  We have maps of the nearest 3000 stars as viewed from Polaris. 

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