The Art of Writing


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The Art of Writing, Volume 1


Chapter 1: So You Want To Be A Writer?

Chapter 2: Rules For Writers

Chapter 3: Writing Basics

Chapter 4: Conflict in Fiction

Chapter 5: Character In Fiction

Chapter 6: Anchors In Reality

Chapter 7: Rhythm In Fiction

Chapter 8: The Plot's The Thing

Chapter 9: The Theory of Dialogue

Chapter 10: The Practice of Dialogue

Chapter 11: Language And Atmosphere

Chapter 12: Common Mistakes In Writing

Chapter 13: Publishers, Editors, And Agents

Chapter 14: Literary Rights

Chapter 15: The Publication Process

Chapter 16: Writers And Readers





The Art of Writing, Volume 2


Chapter 1: Protagonists

Chapter 2: Antagonists

Chapter 3: Incidental Characters

Chapter 4: Making It Up As You Go Along

Chapter 5: Male/Female Relations

Chapter 6: Sex in Fiction

Chapter 7: The Unavoidable Sin of Repetition

Chapter 8: Sequels and Series

Chapter 9: The Psychology of Writers

Chapter 10: The Psychology of Readers

Chapter 11: Writing in the 21st Century

 Appendix A: The Writer’s Guide to the Human Body







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The Art of Writing, Vol 2 - Trade Paperback-     $25.00

The Art of Writing, Vol 2 - PDF Edition-     $10.00

The Art of Writing, Volumes 1 & 2 - Trade Paperback - $45.00

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The Art of Writing
The Art of Writing
The Art of Writing
SCI FI - ARIZONA The Art of Writing