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At Sci Fi - Arizona, we have two long-running series on the techniques and philosophy of writing.  One of our series is devoted to general writing while the other is devoted to the special problems of science fiction writing.  Check out the books below and then click on the images to jump to the individual pages where you can purchase them.


We also have a specialized astronomy book for science fiction writers.  If you are either a long-time or aspiring writer of science fiction, you have probably run into the problem.  Your heroes are on board an interstellar luxury liner traveling from Fomalhaut to Sirius and you open up an astronomy text to look at the maps showing the night sky.  The maps are detailed, but they only guide you as to where the stars are in our firmament.  They tell you nothing as to where they are in relation to one another.


If you have been frustrated by this problem, we have the book for you.  The Sci Fi - Arizona ASTROGATOR'S HANDBOOK, a series of maps arranged like a 3-D chess board showing the 3000 closest stars as they are viewed from Polaris.



The Art of Writing Series

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The Art of Writing, Volume 1


Chapter 1: So You Want To Be A Writer?

Chapter 2: Rules For Writers

Chapter 3: Writing Basics

Chapter 4: Conflict in Fiction

Chapter 5: Character In Fiction

Chapter 6: Anchors In Reality

Chapter 7: Rhythm In Fiction

Chapter 8: The Plots The Thing

Chapter 9: The Theory of Dialogue

Chapter 10: The Practice of Dialogue

Chapter 11: Language And Atmosphere

Chapter 12: Common Mistakes In Writing

Chapter 13: Publishers, Editors, And Agents

Chapter 14: Literary Rights

Chapter 15: The Publication Process

Chapter 16: Writers And Readers





The Art of Writing, Volume 2


Chapter 1: Protagonists

Chapter 2: Antagonists

Chapter 3: Incidental Characters

Chapter 4: Making It Up As You Go Along

Chapter 5: Male/Female Relations

Chapter 6: Sex in Fiction

Chapter 7: The Unavoidable Sin of Repetition

Chapter 8: Sequels and Series

Chapter 9: The Psychology of Writers

Chapter 10: The Psychology of Readers

Chapter 11: Writing in the 21st Century

 Appendix A: The Writer’s Guide to the Human Body







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The Art of Science Fiction, Volume 1


Part I: Science Fiction Techniques


Chapter 1: The History Of Science Fiction

Chapter 2: Science And Science Fiction

Chapter 3: One Impossible Thing At A Time


Part II: Science Fiction Technologies


Chapter 4: The Einstein Barrier, Part I

Chapter 5: The Einstein Barrier, Part II

Chapter 6: The Theory Of Time Travel

Chapter 7: Time Travel in Fiction

Chapter 8: Paratime


Part III: Astronomy For Science Fiction Writers


Chapter 9: Stars

Chapter 10: Practical Astrogation

Chapter 11: Terminology


 Part IV: Building An Interplanetary Civilization


Chapter 12: The Solar System

Chapter 13: Rocket Propulsion

Chapter 14: Travel Between Worlds

Chapter 15: Living In Space


Part V: Science Fiction and Society


Chapter 16: Science Fiction and Society






The Art of Science Fiction, Volume 2


Chapter 1: Life As We "Think" We Know It

Chapter 2: Life As We Don’t Know It

Chapter 3: World Building For Fun And Profit, Part 1

Chapter 4: World Building For Fun And Profit, Part 2

Chapter 5: Fantasy

Chapter 6: Space War Fundamentals

Chapter 7: Interplanetary Space War

Chapter 8: Interstellar Space War

Chapter 9: Introduction to Spacesuit Design

Chapter 10: Advanced Spacesuit Design

Chapter 11: Galactic Empires and Interstellar Federations: Part I

Chapter 12: Galactic Empires and Interstellar Federations: Part II









The Astrogator's Handbook

An astronomy book with a difference.  We don't show you where the stars are in the night sky of Earth.  We show you where they are with respect to one another.   View local space from the vantage point of Polaris, the North Star, and plot your starships' courses with confidence

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