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Welcome to Sci Fi - Arizona, possibly the oldest author-owned-and-operated website on the Internet.


We specialize in professional-quality, technologically sophisticated science fiction stories and novels. Our current inventory of fiction is valued at one million dollars!  If you like Robert Heinlein's work from the 40's and 50's, Poul Anderson from the 60's, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle from the 70's, and Tom Clancy from the 80's, then you will probably like it here!


Be sure to visit our Writer's Workshop. Once each month we publish articles dealing with matters of concern to writers, with an emphasis on the technical problems specific to science fiction writing. No matter what sort of a writer you are or wish to be, you should find something of interest in the workshop.


We also host Don Dixon's Spacescapes Gallery.  Don is the finest astronomical artist at work today.  Check out his glorious views of the planets, the stars, and the future.


And if you are a science fiction writer, you may be interested in our Astrogator's Handbook in the non-fiction section.  We all know what the stars look like in the skies of Earth.  The problem is, if you are writing an interstellar romance, you are more interested in where the stars are with respect to one another.  We have maps of the nearest 3000 stars as viewed from Polaris.


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Series Novels

Introducing the new 2019 Edition of the Antares Trilogy:


Volume 1: Antares Dawn

Volume 2: Antares Passage

Volume 3: Antares Victory

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Introducing the new 2019 Edition eBooks of the Gibraltar Trilogy:


Volume 1: Gibraltar Earth

Volume 2: Gibraltar Sun

Volume 3: Gibraltar Stars

Introducing the new 2020 Edition of the Makers duology:


Volume 1: Life Probe

Volume 2: Procyon's Promise





Stand Alone Novels

Short Stories

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Non-Fiction Books

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Return/Refund Policy: If you find any manufacturing defect in one of our books, we will replace it with a new book at no cost to you. If this is not possible for some reason, we will provide you with a full refund.


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